Best Battle Royale Games for Android (2020)

Battle royale games for android

Best Battle Royale Games for Android: Battle royale is a popular type and the key cause of its success is that it incorporates numerous famous genres such as the FPS, Open World, and survival. There are still millions of players across the globe at the famous Royal Battle game such as Fortnite, Apex Legends and PUBG but you should be informed of some successful royal Battle games as well. In this guide, we ‘re going to share Android ‘s best royal fighting.

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List of Best Battle Royale Games for Android


1. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale has yet another thing, other than the dorky graphics, which helps make it quite unique. It will offer the player a top-down perspective of the fight area instead of the traditional first or third-person camera. It is three to five minutes that most matches take. It’s a rather common royal battle experience otherwise. You find things, use them to kill enemies and attempt to be last player. Character improvements are also available, the normal mechanic shrinking area and much more.



2. Creative Destruction

Creative destruction fits Fortnite highly. Basically, we consider it as a copy. However, it’s a good clone. The game contains a wide map of various countries and matches for 100 players. You will create and kill stuff. Furthermore, you can play in the perspective of third or first person. We always believed it was enjoyable. The game runs terribly on some midrange and low end phones.



PUBG is renowned for its battle royal game, which requires 100 players to compete at once and renders the last survivor the champion. In PUBG, the crowd frequently contains novel apps, products, and characters.


4. Fortnite

The problematic launch was given to Fortnite. It’s one of the strongest and most famous royal fight games, though. A 100-player royal war, as is most popular in the genre, is included. You drop off a plane onto the island, build your guns, locate guns, and knock the other players out. It’s a fade above most royal battle games, as it also has a design component.


5. Garena Free Fire

This title is a low-level title in this category of best royal battle games. Although the game was downloaded by over 100 million people and graphics of high quality, it was not able to create a mood of PUBG or COD. A battle royal mode of the game is open to 50 persons. It’s only 10 minutes to go to one single royal battle.


6. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is a game with amazing graphs and technological weapons, but this doesn’t matter. Cyber Hunter introduces a more dimension to the battle than the normal firing of machine gun and sniping rifles: Parkour. Your character will scale walls, leap and fall as though it was his way of life.


7. Guns Royale


In mere mechanics, Guns Royale is a very popular royal title. You crash in a huge free shooting zone for everyone with a bunch of teams. However, the game takes a three-quarter isometric look from the perspective of the first person. This enables you to see your adversaries all around you, also behind edges so that the dynamics of the game are quite different. Further, this one provides AR components, along with some other apps for a much more special experience.


8. Knives Out

Knives Out has a big impact on imaginative kid PlayerUnknown, with its combat stylings and a robust collection of cars, arms and costumes that are equally styled. In reality, there is nothing unique about Knives Out, but it performs the nuts and bolts of the genre with such a faith and precision that any royal war can easily be scraped for outcomes.



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