Tiktok and shareit banned 59 other Chinese apps banned by Indian government

Tiktok and shareit banned

Tiktok and shareit banned in india. Many apps including tiktok and shareit are now banned in india as the tensions around the india_ china border is worsening, indian government decided to ban Chinese apps which have issues with privacy and customer data.

LIST OF POPULAR CHINESE APPS WHICH ARE BANNED. ( tiktok and shareit banned).



TIktok is video making platform, where people with many backgrounds can make videos is also banned few weekd ago tiktok’s rating dramatically fell and it is now banned in india


This app is most popular Chinese app in india, it is a search browser providing many services but now banned as per the government order regarding privacy and other issues.


The sharing app known for its speedy sharing is also banned after government’s order. The border tensions between two countries is increasing.


The picture editing app is also banned after government’s order. This app was also Chinese and is banned now.


The video editing app is also banned. This app provides many video editing features and many premium features as well and now it is banned after government’s decision of banning many Chinese apps regarding data piracy and data diverting issues.


The clean master is an app for cleaning junk and is used for improving mobile’s performance is now banned after government’s order.


Bai du yi  is an android operating system based on android os is also banned by Indian government.


As the name suggests this app saves battery of a device and improves its performance. It is also banned by Indian government now.


Cheetah mobile is a Chinese mobile Internet company whose headquarters are in Beijing is also banned by Indian government for many issues.

10. WeChat

Wechat is also a Chinese app which is banned by Indian government after indian government announced the banning of 59 Chinese apps including wechat.

India takes a stern action on Chinese apps which are in controversy for a long time for their data piracy issues. Many popular Chinese apps are now banned in india.


After the vision of prime minister Narendra Modi of ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT, this step should be considered as the kick start of it as many Chinese apps are banned and it is now a good option for indian companies to grow as they have more options and opportunities now.

There was a chaos after the YouTube vs tiktok controversy on YouTube which results in the downgrading of tiktok by indian audience and after a week of the controversy, tiktok’s rating was again reached above 4 and now it is banned by the Indian government.

Border tensions

There is a ongoing border  tension among india and chine which resulted in violent face off between the two countries and.

After weeks of clash between the two countries, the government of India decided to ban many Chinese apps which are having issues on data privacy and data piracy.

Indian people’s demand

For the many past months, the indian people were demanding to ban tiktok and other Chinese apps for many issues like data privacy, data piracy. There was also a controversy on youtube led my many Indian youtubers demanding the banning of tiktok and other Chinese apps which are having many issues.

Local people are now boycotting Chinese products and supporting the Prime minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar bharat. 

Many people are happy with this initiative by Indian government and are congratulating each other for this step.

Many more apps not mentioned here are less popular, are also banned by Indian government’s of banning many Chinese apps


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