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How to write a poem

How to write a poem. So first of all you need to understand what poetry is. Poetry is an art of rhythmical composition, to touch or to influence the emotions of a person reading it . The person who writes poetry is known as Poet . Some famous poets include WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, WILLIAM WORDSWORTH, P. B. SHELLY,  EMILY DICKINSON. Follow the steps below to get the answer for how to write a poem.



Its not necessary to select a topic which is not touching your heart. Poetry is an art of expressing feelings and emotions in the form of writing by using  rhyme scheme .

So let your brain to come up with so many ideas so that you have many options and select the one which is touching your heart.


After selecting your topic, now choose a theme which is suiting your topic for example if you are writing a poem on your Father, write about an event with your Dad like Dad’s birthday or your dad’s wedding anniversary. You can pick up any theme.


There are many writing forms of poetry like Sonnet, Villanelle, Free verse, Epic, Ballad, Haiku, etc. Choose a writing form. If you want to write a 19 lines villanelle, then read some famous poets’ villanelles. You can also select Limerick if you want to write a short poem full of humour. Limerick is of 5 lines and it’s rhyme scheme is AABBA.


You should read famous poems and try to learn their rhyme scheme, syllable use, metre. You can also write a free verse poem.


After writing share it with close friends or family members because they may tell you to improve your poem and writing skills in certain areas. Nobody knows, you may become a famous poet in future, so sharing is important than hiding it.


To write a good poem and to make poetry part of your life, you need to practice it daily, write sonnets, free verse poems, ballads, etc. Just don’t quit writing if you want to be a good poet.


A sonnet is a 14 line poem  invented in 13th century by Giacomo da Lentini



Stars glittered like you, countless stars in sky

River flows and thy melody bird sing 

Her love, a melody, her love a string, 

Do you love me? Can you kiss me and thy;

goddess of love , thy goddess of thy eye, 

Can you trust me? For me can you sing? 

My countless struggle, for you, only bring ;

nothing, AH! Love is the centre of thy ;

every sonnet, thy goddess, good-bye and ;

die! I honored him, thousand times and it ;

cheered me a lot, My mind thinks about him, 

A fail lover like me, is it from England? 

No, i don’t know about him, plz sit, 

Too few succeed, What? Nothing, can you swim? 


Note : The above mentioned sonnet may have errors. It is mentioned only for the purpose of explaining sonnet’s rhyme scheme  and syllable use.


Villanelle is a nineteen line poem with 5 tercets of 3 lines followed by a quatrain. Syllables in a line can be 7, 8 or even 10.


Kind, O kind God! You created a beautiful hill

With many heavens, O ‘ God can you help me? 

Can you make  her mine with your skill. 


You can make her mine till ;

Her desire, requesting you, thee, 

Kind, O kind God! You created a beautiful hill


My God, on giving me a hill ;

Of flowers but Alas! She is much better than thy, 

Make her mine with your skill. 


In a moonlit night, wonders on her face still! 

Ah! Like a mountain with sun, can we also, i plea, 

Kind, O kind God! You created a beautiful hill


Can you do everything? With your will? 

Thou you also made her, but my Goddy, 

Make her mine with your skill. 


You can do anything from birth to kill, 

But plz dear , my God, help your buddy, 

Kind, O kind God! You created a beautiful hill

Make her mine with your skill


Note :  The above mentioned villanelle is for checking rhyme scheme and syllables, many words may don’t have a particular meaning or sense

So here are some tips on how to write a poem with types and their examples. There are also many other types of writing poetry. For a beginner the above mentioned types are good. Stay happy and healthy.


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