Fourth of july American independence day 2020

Fourth of july

KToday is fourth of july the American independence day. Today, world’s strongest democracy became independent. Toady is federal holiday in United States. People from all over United States of America celebrate this day with fireworks, parades, baseball and concerts. It is the day, when the world’s superpower nation, US, became independent.

Celebrations online

People are celebrating independence day online by sharing posts and posting flag pics and praying for their country, United States.

People are happy and praying for their loved ones, contributing for the country’s economy.

History of fourth of july

On July 2, the Congress had voted to declare independence because 13 American colonies declared that they were no longer subject to the KING GEORGE III and on 4th of July , all the states were united and declared independence. This day was celebrated all over the United States of America in a modern way.

The US congress had made this day as unpaid holiday and later in 1938, Congress changed it to paid holiday for federal employees.


United States of America is the fourth largest country by area after Russia, Canada and China. It has more than 300 million population.

United States of America is ethnically diverse country with more than 17 million Asians more than 37 million blacks living all over the United States of America today.

In fact, United States of America is the number 1 choice for every individual who wants to enjoy the benefits of democracy and freedom.

United States of America provides full freedom to its countrymen and even to many countries in the world who are directly or indirectly  dependent on United States of America.

United States of America had helped many other countries to get freedom.

Donald Trump    is the current president United States  of America and Mike pence is the current vice-president of United States of America.

United States of America has now  a estimated nominal GDP of more than 22 trillion dollars. 

United States of America is also regarded as the military and economic superpower of the world.

United States and the rest of the world

United States of America is today regarded as the super power on earth. Many countries like Russia and china are trying to be like United States of America,they are trying to be the economic superpower of the world but they need to focuson  on their GDP per capita for becoming like United States of America.

United States of America is the economic superpower of the world and no country can grow faster by neglecting United States of America in global market. United States of America has about 540 Billionaires today contributing more than 2 Trillion Dollars for the country’s economy.

In the time of covid-19 pandemic

So after centuries of celebrating fourth of july, the American independence day, this year it has to be different because of the Corona Virus pandemic. United States of America today has a  total of 2,935,982 Corona Virus cases with 132,318 deaths and 1,543,192 active cases now.

This pandemic is one of the worst pandemic for the mankind. United States of America needs to focus more on Corona Virus and need to tackle active cases of Corona Virus as soon as possible.

So this year celebrations should be different, people should wish their family, friends and their colleagues online or by maintaining social distance, because Coronavirus is one of the worst enemies of humankind and a global threat on world economy.

World leaders like Donald trump, Xi jinping, Vladmir putin and many others need to take more actions against Corona Virus. Countries like USA, China, European countries, Japan, Australia and other developed countries need to develop a vaccine for covid-19 as soon as possible to save humans.

In the end, we wish every American, a happy independence day and pray for the well being of every American. Stay healthy and happy.


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