How to find toxic relationship signs now 2020

Toxic relationship signs

Do you want to know some toxic relationship signs in your relationship. You are not alone there are many people who are in toxic relationship and still don’t know that they are in a toxic relationship. So here are some points on how to find out whether you are in a toxic relationship and how to get out of it.


A relationship in which you are completely blamed for almost everything and the other person is dominating your opinions or influencing your decisions without your consent. You can be in a friendzone and in fact, it is the most common cause of toxic relationship. Friendzone in itself can be very toxic for you.

Toxic relationship signs :

1. You are the one to be blamed

Believe it, this one is the most common thing for many persons who are in toxic relationship. They are blamed for everything bad and do not get credit for something good they have done.

2. You are not getting what you deserve

It can be anything from time to support or the things which you want before going in to relationship with that person. You want something from your partner but he/she isn’t giving you that instead she/he is making excuses.

3. You are only getting excuses for everything

Yes it is an important thing and a warning sign to get out of that relationship. Whether you want to go with her/him on a date but he /she is making excuses and you are noticing that it is a daily routine now.

4. Feeling inferior in front of that person

You can feel inferior in front of that person  as you can be feeling inferior because of continuous ignoring by him/her. You will feel inferior that it’s your fault that he/she is not happy or enjoying his /her life.

5. If it is Physically or mentally hurting you

If he/she is physically hurting you, the law is there you know very well how to deal with it if not than contact someone, taking help form someone is not a bad thing. If he /she is mentally hurting you, break up with her/him, that’s the only solution. Be sensible, he /she is hurting you and hurting a person voluntary or involuntary isn’t a sign of a good relationship. Read

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6. You are getting disconnected from your loved ones

If you are getting disconnected from your friends, family and others by not knowing the real reason behind it, this can be one of the toxic relationship signs because that person is not letting you to indulge with others primarily.


Just leave that person

Okay. This is the real deal, leave that person if he/she is showing you the above signs and your mental health is getting worse. Leaving is the answer to it. Your emotions will not allow you to do it. But you have to leave that person as soon as possible. The more time you spend with him/her, the more you will get hurt.

Talk with your loved ones about it

Take help from elders, friends and not from those who can’t understand you. Always take advice from those, who cares for you. They can be your friends, family,etc. It will reduce your stress.

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Book an appointment with your doctor

Take help from your doctor if you are emotionally sick or in a stress. Your doctor will check your symptoms and will guide you on how to reduce stress, anxiety. Believe your doctor’s advice and follow it.

Take a break for next relationship

If you want to indulge in a relationship again after sometime, it is not recommended because you need to prepare yourself and become capable of handling your relationship, if you think you are capable of doing it, than wait for best life partner rather than indulging in a relationship with random person.

So here are some points on how to find toxic relationship signs. Hope the above points will help you.

Stay healthy and happy.

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