Jio 5g launching soon

Jio 5g

Here is the big news of the year that jio 5g is expected to be launched next year or may be at the end of 2020. Jio has also launched jio glasses.

Public question related to jio 5g  :

1. For 5g does i need to buy a new phone? 

Yes you need to buy a new 5g phone for accessing 5g Internet. As for now 5g phones are rare in market but they will come in large scale when 5g technology arrives.

2. What is the speed of jio 5g? 

The speed of 5g is far better than jio 4g and it can provide you up to 100 mbps  downloading speed and  50 mbps  uploading speed, which is very fast as compared to jio 4g.

3. When we will be able to use 5g Internet? 

Jio has promised that as soon as they buy spectrum they will begin public trails. The company has mentioned that they have completed lab trails. So you can use 5g Internet till next year or may be at the beginning of 2021 or at the end of 2020.

4.  What is jio glass 

Jio glass is mixed reality glasses which will enable you to watch 3d images, video conferences and play 3d games.


Jio can become the first indian company to launch 5g network and can help foreign companies to establish 5g network in their countries. Jio has both  efficiency and effectiveness for doing that.


Few years back jio launched      4G   and made a revolution by providing 4g Internet free for many months and later jio provided 4g Internet at a cheap rate which everyone can afford.

Jio 4g was very fast from 3g network. Reliance jio has a history of providing things at much cheaper rate.

Google and jio may launch a new 5g phone at cheap rate for enabling the access of 5g network even to poor. The android version may not be heavy and will enable the user to enjoy the benefits of new 5g technology.

Currently due to coronavirus many telecom companies are having difficulties for operating their services for their respective customers and jio is one of them. We hope that this coronavirus pandemic will stop soon and we will be able to use jio 5g very soon.

JIO is one of the major telecom companies in india. After 2016 jio became the most used sim card in india due to its policies of cheap Internet plans and providing voice over LTE. Jio provided fast 4g Internet in india at cheap rate, which is regarded as the golden move of JIO and some experts also believe that jio is responsible for the digital revolution in india.

Mukesh ambani recently gave a discount to google and Facebook on reliance jio stake. Mukesh ambani’s ambani family is the major shareholder of reliance industries with almost 46 % shares holded by the ambani family.

Jio is also contributing to india’s economy to a great extent by providing almost every citizen a cheap Internet and a way to express themselves to the world.

With the entry of jio in the market, the Internet users in india increased significantly, which leads to revolution in the digital world.

Reliance jio is planning to make india ‘2g free india’ and focusing on improving 4g technology and introducing the latest 5g technology. With these plans, jio is expected to grow significantly in the coming months and years.

SO at the end, we can say that by introducing 5g jio is going to take a big step to enhance the speed of Internet services in india and also in the world. Stay healthy and happy.


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