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India is currently fighting against the coronavirus pandemic like all the other nations. India reported its first Corona Virus case on 30th January 2020 in the southern state of kerala from where a woman had travelled from wuhan, china.


India is currently giving it’s full potential to fight against the Corona Virus but the cases in india doesn’t show good figures as the current cases in india is almost 1, 118, 780 which is not a good sign for india. India has a total covid-19 deaths of more than 27, 000  till now with maharashtra having a total case of more than 3,00,000 , while delhi, karnatka and tamil nadu  are also the epicentre for coronavirus cases in india.


THE government is doing everything what it should do, but the cases in india are surging very fast. Government announced lockdowns to limit the spread of Corona Virus, which was successful to a certain limit. The government of India is also focusing on making the vaccine for covid-19 infections as soon as possible in order to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

The government had also started unlock phases in order to bring the economy on its feet which resulted in more covid-19 cases im india. The economic growth of india was struggling for few months before the coronavirus outbreak in india and now it has become very difficult to get the economy back on its feet as it was before.


India’s neighbouring countries like        Pakistan and Bangladesh are also struggling from coronavirus pandemic with having more than 2, 65,000 and, 2,04,000 covid-19 cases respectively. India is ranked third in the global Corona Virus tally after United States of America and Brazil. The covid-19 cases in United States of America is almost 4 million and about 2, 100, 000 cases in Brazil.


South africa and Mexico are also seeing a sudden spike in their covid-19 cases. China on the other hand is looking stable as of now with a very few new covid-19 cases as of now. China was the epicentre of the novel Corona Virus at one time but it has managed to stop the spread of Corona Virus to a great extent. India on the other hand was safe from coronavirus pandemic for a long time but as india started recording new cases, the records are doubling despite the great efforts by the administration.

India’s neighbour Bhutan has only more than total 80 cases of Corona Virus, which makes it one of the most safest places or countries in the world.


Recently famous indian celebrity Amitabh bachan and his family was tested positive for coronavirus and are now undergoing treatment.

Many reports are saying that Russia is going to launch its vaccine from next month. India also has many firms who are continuously working on covid-19 vaccine.

India can start its human trial of vaccine from Monday at Delhi, according to reports. People are keeping a close eye on the making of covid-19 vaccine as the cases are surging in india

However many government officials and experts are saying that the community spread has still not started in india. On the other hand many experts are believing that community spread has started and it is an alarming stage for india.

India is one of the major economy in Asia as well as in the world so the slowing down of India’s economy will result in the global economic slowdown.


In this article we have shared some of the

So here are some of the updates on Corona Virus. Stay tuned for more information related to coronavirus cases in india and around the world



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