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How to study

Do you want to score good marks in your school or college, learn how to study properly so that you can score good marks and you won’t be sad after results. There are many students, who are facing a lot of trouble while studying and can’t focus on studies easily.


The first step is to prepare a proper time table and not a time table which is followed by most of the people in the world. You are different, so prepare a Time table for studies, which will be suitbale for you.

If you are an early riser then studying at morning will not be an issue to you. In fact, it will be the best time for you to focus on your studies.

If you are not an early riser then try to study at night but only if your natural clock is allowing it. Playing with your natural clock is not a good thing for your body.


This step is very important, because many students can prepare a good time table, but they can’t follow it properly. So you need to follow it properly of you want to know the exact answer of how to study properly 

If you can’t study more than 1 hour, then try to study for more than one hour, this will help you to increase your studying time. You need to study with full energy and focus.

Similarly, if you can’t study more than 2 hours, then study for more than 2 hours. Giving your studies more time and focus will be your biggest achievement as it will improve your confidence.

How to study properly is a way for achieving good marks. So before learning on how to study properly, you need to follow a proper time table 



Regularity is very important in almost every thing is this world. You need to study Daily and multiple times (2 or 3) in a day. You can take rest on Sunday or on a day you would like to rest.

But be patient, you are not going to become the most intelligent person in the world. You are just giving yourself tims to sudy and you are going to score good marks for yourself.

You should focus on getting good  results, which will provide you happiness and comfort. Do not compare yourself to other students as everyone is different and unique.


Making goals like studying a whole chapter toady or finishing a whole subject in upcoming 2 or 3 months is a best way for achieving your big goal which is scoring good marks.

You need to complete your small goals in given time for achieving the big goal. You should focus on your big goal but you also need to accomplish small goals daily or weekly.


You should also focus on other things as well like playing, learning an art, etc. These extra activities will provide you more confidence and knowledge. You can join a gym or  karate classes for your physical fitness.

You can also join  singing or dancing classes for improving your skills. You should also give time to  your friends and family, so that you will not feel alone.

Enjoying your life is very important, you should focus on other things as well.


No matter how much you studied, if you don’t revise it, there is no benefit at all. Revision is an important thing because your brain is not going to remember every answer forever.

Revision can be done just like you began studying. There are two methods of revision, one is whole revision and other is only important topics. But whatever the type of revision you choose, you need to do it twice or thrice or even more

Revising important topics is very important because small topics are somehow related to important topics, so try to give yourself some months before examination for revising.


You just need to give your best in examination rather than taking stress. You are not the examiner, you are a student. So give your best so that when you reach home, you are happy and not full of stress.

Don’t take stress about the result, many people fail in their life and this is just a examination of your school or college.

You should focus on future, past is not in your control now. So be patient and focus on future possibilities.


As the result is not in your hands, you should hope for the best rather than taking stress about your result.There are lot of problems in the world and yours isn’t that big.

Read about managing stress : 

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If the results are in your favor, then enjoy and boost your morale for future struggles and if results are not in your favor, then don’t take stress, just relax and find out your mistakes and tru not to follow them again.


You can analyse your mistakes for future because this is not the end for you. You will have to face many struggles like everybody else. So analysing your mistakes and taking benefit from it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Prepare a list of things that you should avoid in future.

Prepare a list of things that you should follow regularly in future.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally for future obstacles.

Give more time to study.

Follow a proper routine.

Avoid useless things or things with no benefit. Not everything, as you also need to enjoy your life but avoid unnecessary things which are coming in your way regularly.


You should take advice from your elders like your elder brother, sister or your parents on how to study properly . They will help you with their experiences of their life.

Take their advice and try to apply their advices in your daily routine and see whether they get you results or not.

You can also contact your teachers about how to be mentally prepared for future events. Your teacher will explain you in a very good manner.

So here are some points on how to study properly in order to score good marks in examination. There are many more ways for studying properly, but these are some of the best ways for scoring good marks in              examination   . Stay healthy and happy.



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