Best doraemon movies to watch now 2020

Doraemon movies

There are many animated movies but doraemon movies have something special. Doraemon is a Japanese   manga   series with many episodes and movies. Doraemon is famous in all over the world. Doraemon is a robot of 22nd century who comes to help a preteen boy named Nobita Nobi from various life obstacles by giving him future generation gadgets. So read the list below to know about best doraemon movies .


Stand by me is the best doraemon movie. This movie was the second most popular movie in Japan in 2014 after Frozen.

Doraemon is a robot of 22nd century and with his many gadgets, he helps Nobita nobi, a preteen boy who is not good in almost any aspect of life.

But eventually, Nobita starts developing and doraemon’s purpose of helping Nobita gets over. Doraemon’s programing commands him to return to future in two days.

Stand by me is an emotional movie of doraemon with main focus on changing Nobita’s future for better life.


This movie was premiered in 1980 and is one of the best doraemon movies. Nobita claims to find a living dinosaur in order to defeat Suneo in a challenge.

Nobita, after many efforts, finds a dinosaur baby and named it Pisuke . But pisuke starts growing too large and hence doraemon and Nobita transports it to 100 millions years ago.

When  Nobita and his teammates again visit past in order to see pisuke, the time machine crashes.

Nobita and his crew has to travel japan from North America in order to reach the present day facing dinosaurs in their way.


This movie is about a fictional world where magic is possible. Nobita asks doraemon to give him the Moshimo box. After moshimo box is thrown away by nobita’s mom, Nobita and his mates have to travel to past to restore the previous world.

This movie  is an amazing art of work or you can say, a masterpiece.

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