Top 5 countries with most advanced technology in 2020

Countries with most advanced technology

Here is the list of top 10 countries with most advanced technology in the world today. The technology advancement includes many factors like exports and imports, natural resources, human resources and foreign relations. These all factors will contribute to the technological advancement of a country. So read the list below to know about countries with most advanced technology.


Japan is ranked number one in the list of countries with most advanced technology because of it’s quality. Japan has a quality workforce and the economy of Japan is highly developed. That is the reason for Japan to be the number one.


Japan focuses on quality rather than quantity. People around the world prefer Japanese technology for a reason. Japan has the best quality when it comes to smartphones, computers, laptops, cameras, etc.

The Japanese economy grew rapidly in the past century and the reason was the commitment of Japanese people towards their work. There is a reason for a Japanese for not getting late at work.


USA is a superpower for a reason, the technology advancement is USA is the best in the world. USA is known for it’s military strength and technology plays the biggest role in this case.

From the past century, USA is the leading country in innovation and tech. American technology is one of the best technologies in the world.

USA is the biggest economy in the world and USA exports its technology to many countries. USA has the most advanced army in the world.


A small country in size but a leading country in the world when it comes to technology. 100 years ago, South korea was the poorest country in the world  and now it is the most developed country in Asia after Japan.

There was a time when japan could not be compared to South Korea but now there is not a big difference between them.

South korea is famous for its smartphones and cars in the world. South korean technology is reliable and appreciated worldwide.

South Korea is ranked 11 in the global innovation index.



Israel is known for startups and business. Israel is doing a great job of innovation in agricultural sector. Israel is exporting highly advanced technology to the world.

Israel is a small country but it’s technology and innovation makes it one if the countries with most advanced technology in the world.

From military to space, Israel is doing a great job. People of Israel are hard working and smart and that is the reason for it’s growth and development in almost every sector.

Israel is a technology hub in Asia. You can not ignore Israel when it comes to quality.


Germany is a highly developed nation in the world and one of the leading nations in Europe. Germany is leading in research and development.

From military technology to space technology, Germany is considered to be one of the best countries in the world.

The reason for Germany’s high quality technology is the education system. Germany is one of the best countries in the world when it comes to education.

German people are very hard working and curious people and that may be the reason for Germany’s development.

The above list comprises of the most advanced countries in terms of technology. Many factors are included before their ranking here.

So here is the list of countries with most advanced technology in the world, there are also many more advanced countries like the UK, France, China, India, Norway, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

The advancement in technology helps  the mankind but it can also be used against mankind by many persons.


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