The best korean dramas of all time to watch now 2020

The best korean dramas

Are you looking for the best korean dramas of all time? Here is the list which will provide you information about the best korean dramas. Korean dramas are made in South Korea in korean language. These dramas are popular for their short duration. Unlike past, these dramas are now popular worldwide. People from various countries can now watch these dramas. So here is the list of the best korean dramas of all time.


This drama is a story of a girl named Yoon se ri, a fashion entrepreneur, who due to a paragliding accident meets a North Korean elite and Captain of special forces named Ri jeong hyeok.

This drama is just a right mixture of comedy, romance, thriller and action.

Captain Ri makes every effort to make Yoon se ri go back to her country, south korea.


Mr. Sunshine is one of the best drama series eber ever produced. This show has everything in it. From romance to action and from adventure to politics, this show has everything.

A poor boy, yu jin  escapes his country Joseon and reaches United States and joins military . Eugene Choi comes to Joseon again but this time, he is an officer.

He falls in love with an Aristocrat’s  daughter named Ae sin. He starts supporting her in the revolution against the Japanese rule in korea.


This story is about a common girl, sung nyang , who navigates her way from Koryo to Mongol led Yuan dynasty of China. She disguises herself from the evil eyes of the world.

IT is a love triangle of Sung Nyang with King of koryo, Wang Yu and Emperor of Yuan, Toghon Temur.

Sung Nyang and toghon temur spend their time together and grew friends. But Sung Nyang and Wang Yu also grew fond of each other.

Sung Nyang later became an Imperial Consort and hence she begun political war.

This is an epic love story depicting a a adventurous journey of a commoner to Empress of Mongol led Yuan dynasty.


Scarlet heart ryeo  : moon lovers is a story of a girl named Hae Soo who is transported 1000 years back to  Goryeo dynasty founded by Emperor Taejo Wang Geon.

It depicts the love, rivalry, and politics in the house of Wang . HAE SOO fell in love with 4th Prince, Wang so, who was with Hae soo in all her hardships. It is an epic story of a modern girl transported to past for some political reasons.

This drama is so underrated in South Korea but internationally, it is a big hit. Moreover it’s OST’s are amazing  that leaves the audience spellbound.


What’s wrong with secretary kim is a 2018 south korean drama series revolving around a self absorbed CEO of a company, Lee yeong joon and his secretary Kim mi so who is a trusty secretary.

But lee yeong joon don’t give her attention. After nine years, mi so wants to quit her job.

Lee yeong joon’s older brother, lee sung yeon is a famous author who loves Mi so desperately.


This is a story of Hong Gil Dong, who is a rebel in Joseon. Hong gil dong was born to a slave’s house and hence faced many hardships. He decides to make people more stronger and to do so, he has to remove the current King.

Many people start joining him and at last he becomes successful in removing the current King, leaving his impact on next King.


Descendants of the sun is a 2016 south korean medical drama in which yoon shi jin, the leader of the special forces unit falls in love with a  trauma surgeon, Kang Mo Yeon.

This drama is all about love and evils of war. It is a mixture of romance, action and politics.


Korean dramas are very interesting and engaging. They are short and fast so that everyone can watch them without giving much time to online world.

So here are the best korean dramas of all time. There are many more famous dramas like Hwarang, Six flying dragons, Legend of the blue sea, etc.  You can watch some of the above mentioned dramas on Netflix also.


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