Fruits you need for fighting diabetes

Fruits you need for fighting diabetes

Read, Fruits you need for fighting diabetes. Fruits are one of those things, which humans like the most. But sugar is the element which raise questions for diabetes patients. The chronic  Diabetes is a condition in which the body can’t control blood sugar level. So here is the list of fruits you need for fighting diabetes.


Apples ranked low in GI (glycemic index). Now glycemic index measures that how quickly a food cause the blood sugar level to rise. And apple doesn’t rise much sugar level. So apple is a good choice.

There are many benefits of apples like it makes bones stronger, boosts the power of our brain and it also reduces cholesterol. So, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is rightly said.


Banana are best for diabetes. It has a low GI . But the thing to keep in mind is that you should eat them rather than making shake or juice of banana. Processing of banana can increase it’s GI and hence, it can affect your sugar level.

Banana is good for your heart and blood pressure. Banana helps you in fighting against gastrointestinal issues and like apple, banana also reduce cholesterol and boosts your energy.


Grapes are natural treasure for man. It is one of the fruits which are best for your body. Grapes are of low GI and good for diabetes and they also contain 80% water in them, which keeps your body hydrated.

Grapes are high antioxidants so they are good for many chronic diseases especially diabetes. Grapes can decrease blood sugar level and hence they are beneficial for fighting against diabetes.


oranges are also of low GI and they are beneficial for your body in many ways. But you need to eat them rather than processing them to make juice because processing can increase GI of oranges which in turn can Hurt your blood sugar level.

Oranges are a great weapon to fight against cancer and skin related issues. Oranges reduces the risk of cancer. Oranges also reduce cholesterol and improves our immune system.

Oranges can also cause diarrhoea if they are eaten in excess. Otherwise, they are natural gems.


Pears are of same GI as of apple. Pears are very helpful for fighting against chronic diseases. You can also process pears gently and not too much processing should be done as it can increase GI. So be carefree while eating pears.

Pears are full of vitamins and fiber. Since ancient times, pears are considered to be the sign of good health and happiness. Pears are very good natural remedy for many chronic diseases.


Strawberries don’t spike your blood sugar level to a limit which is harmful for your body especially when you are struggling with diabetes. So feel free to eat strawberries.

Strawberries are full of Vitamin C and antioxidants which help you in fighting against chronic diseases. Strawberries also protect your heart. You can eat strawberries daily but too much of everything is bad.


Kiwi fruit is a good choice for a person struggling with diabetes. With low GI, kiwi fruit is like an aid for many chronic diseases including diabetes

Kiwi improves your immune system and maintain blood pressure. Kiwi also protects you from blood clotting and  vision loss. Kiwi fruit is best in morning because it improves digestion.

So here are some fruits you need for fighting diabetes. There are many other low GI fruits like plums, peaches,  nectarines and cherries which are beneficial for a person suffering from diabetes.

You can also ask your doctor for fruits which are beneficial for your body as every individual is different. Your doctor may provide you a list of fruits after assessing your diet.  Stay healthy and happy.


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