How to make a Christmas tree quickly and easily

How to make a Christmas tree

How to make a Christmas quickly and easily.

# How to make a Christmas tree with paper

1. Assemble components for you. By decorating it with paint, glitter, stickers, paper cutouts, or anything else you can think of, you can keep your tree plain, or become as elaborate as you want. This is a perfect project for a community to do with. Supply building paper and a selection of decorative materials, and let the imagination of everyone run wild!

Green building paper (or any color you like).

With scissors.

With a marker.

Tape simple.

For your tree, 2.Decorations

Glitter, stickers, ribbons, coloured paper, confetti, etc. are common options.
In order to affix the decorations, art glue or glue dots.
A hot glue gun and a glue stick to connect two similar tree shapes from construction paper to the topperCut. Start by piling together two pieces of building paper and folding them in half. Then draw a half-tree shape on the outside of your paper stack using a marker.

3. Finally, across both sheets of paper, cut along the lines. Now you’ll have two similar shapes of a tree.
By using two full-size sheets of construction paper, you can create a large tree, or you can cut a piece of paper in half. To join them together, cut slits in the tree shapes. First, by folding the vertical centre of each tree in half vertically (fold the pointed tip of the tree down to the base of the tree), locate and mark the vertical centre of each tree, then crease or mark the centre gently.

4. Finally, from the top down to the centre mark, cut a slit in one tree, and from the bottom up to the centre, cut a slit in the other tree. Join the two shapes and form the tree. Along the slits, slide the two pieces together so that the middle ones fit. Using a few tiny pieces of clear tape to tie it together at the top and bottom of the tree.


5. Finally, fold open the tree so it’s on its own. Have fun decorating your tree! With this phase, the sky is the limit; be as imaginative as you want. You can add sparkle by using paint or glitter glue, or even “flock” your tree. Using scissors or a hole punch, cut ornaments out of coloured paper and glue them to the tree. Create a garland out of a silver thread or ribbon, and don’t forget to cover it with a tiny star or angel.

To build a 3D star or angel for the top, you can use the same 3d cutting/splicing process you used to make the tree.

To fix stuff to the point of the tree, hot glue works best.

  Paper Cone Christmas tree

1. Assemble components for you. This tree starts as a simple cone of paper that can be decorated as quickly and elegantly or as elaborately as you want. These trees can be made of any size, and before starting, you can use any decorative paper you have on hand or decorate plain paper.

Paper 2.Decorative. For a traditional look, use green construction paper or use patterned craft paper or gift wrap to make stunning, modern trees. Stop using paper that is very lightweight.


3.A plate, bowl or other large round object for dinner that can be used to create a pattern for the circle.

Craft glue, glue dots or a stick with a hot glue gun and with scissors.

4. The ornaments for your trees.


Cut the cone shapes out. On your desired piece of paper, begin by tracing your plate, bowl or other circular object, then cut out the circle. Then fold the circle into quarters by folding it in half first and creasing it, then folding half of it and again creasing it. Open the circle now and cut it along the lines of the crease into parts. Four cones will create each circle of paper.

To build various cones of various heights and sizes, use various sizes of plates/templates.

By using pieces of string that are half the size you want your circle to be, you can create a larger circle template. Tie a pencil to one end of the string, and use tape, a pin, or a helper to secure the other end easily in the middle. To draw a full circle, pull the string taut and swing the pencil around.

5. The cones form. With the point at the end, keep one of the quarter-circle pieces, and loop it around to form a cone. To protect the seam, then use the adhesive of your choosing.

Make sure you keep the cone in place long enough to dry the glue.

For this step, you can also use tape or even staples, it just won’t look as neat. Decorate the cones! Decorate with markers, ink, glitter glue, or rubber stamps on the paper surface. To affix different ornaments and other decorations to the tree, then use glue dots or art glue.


With the addition of a textured or 3D component, these paper-cone Christmas trees look particularly good, so consider using buttons, sequins, beads, or craft gems to decorate your trees.
Using metallic chenille stems (pipe cleaners), or by creating a bow from a shiny ribbon, you can also make a star to top the tree. Place your paper Christmas trees around your home and prepare for the compliments to come pouring in! Hot glue works best to affix items to the point of the tree. Arrange a row of trees along a mantle, or create a beautiful and festive centrepiece using a cluster of varying-sized trees.


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