What farooq Abdullah said on ddc elections in kashmir 2020

What farooq Abdullah said on ddc elections in kashmir 2020

What farooq Abdullah said on ddc elections in kashmir 2020

On Wednesday, National Conference President and former Chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah said it was not easy to forge an alliance with other political parties, but it was done for the “greater interest of the J&K people”.

“The coalition with other parties that were rivals of the NC was hard to forge. But a decision was made in the better interests of the J&K people. We made many sacrifices and even the hearts of many of my colleagues were broken over the sharing of seats, but we had to make those sacrifices for people’s greater good,” Dr. Abdullah said while addressing party workers at Nawa-e-Subhu headquarters in NC.”


By winning 109 seats out of 276 for which the results were announced, the seven-member PAGD swept the maiden DDC polls, while the BJP emerged as the single largest party by having 75 seats after securing the largest share of votes in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Abdullah congratulated and thanked his party leadership and employees in the DDC polls for the success of the People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD), saying “it is a victory for the J&K people.”


Abdullah reported that “despite a low-key campaign,” the alliance prevailed. We did not use flags, nor did we go on radio and TV, but retained confidence in people that Almighty will support us if we are right, and Almighty will punish us if we are wrong. But in our choices, we were right.’


Abdullah said to his party staff, “There are greater challenges ahead for which we have to be prepared.”


“In an obvious reference to the BJP, Abdullah said they thought he was going to “bow down his head,” but added that they were “very mistaken.

“Instead of doing so with the media, he urged party workers to highlight “any weakness in the party fold with their leadership.


His recent detention, Abdullah said, had made him steadfast in prayers and given him “ample time to read and understand the Holy Quran.” When we are put to the test by the Almighty, He does this to awaken us so that we may follow His course. Had I not been put through a test, while in jail, I would not have read the Holy Quran and its comprehensive meaning, said Abdullah.


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