First case of new variant of covid-19 in colorado, United States

First case of covid-19 in colorado, United States

First case of new variant of covid-19 in colorado, United States

First case of COVID-19 variant observed by the US in Colorado

The US case of COVID strain was first confirmed by a man with no travel history that UK scientists think is more infectious.

During a news conference, Colorado Governor Jared Polis puts on his facial mask


Governor Jared Polis announced Tuesday that the first recorded US case of the COVID-19 variant that has been seen in the United Kingdom has been found in Colorado.

The variant was found in a man in his 20s who, state health officials said, is isolated southeast of Denver and has no travel history.

The Colorado State Laboratory verified the variant of the virus, and notification was issued to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Public health authorities are reviewing other possible cases and undertaking contact tracing to assess the variant’s distribution across the state.


The discovery of the new variant led the CDC to issue fresh Christmas Day rules for travellers from the UK arriving in the United States, requiring evidence of a negative COVID-19 test to be shown.

Since Saturday, when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a new strain of the coronavirus seemed to spread more easily than previous ones, concern has risen about the form and passed quickly across England. In southeast England, the nation’s first variant case was found.

Dozens of countries banned flights from the UK, and southern England was put under strict lockdown measures. Scientists have said that there is cause for concern, but there should be no alarm caused by the new strains.

Japan declared Monday that, as a measure against the new strain, it would ban the entry of all non-resident foreign nationals.


New coronavirus variants have been seen almost since the virus was first identified nearly a year ago in China. As they replicate and pass through a population, it is normal for viruses to undergo minor changes. How scientists monitor the spread of a virus from one location to another are the minor modifications.

But if there are major defects in the virus, there are fears that current vaccinations may no longer provide the same protections. While this is an opportunity for the coronavirus to be tracked over time, experts have said they do not think the new strain would be the case.

President-elect Joe Biden said it would take years for most Americans to be vaccinated at present distribution rates for the virus.

Biden’s prediction of a grim winter appeared to be aimed at reducing public expectations that the pandemic will end soon after he takes office on January 20, while also sending a message to Congress that his administration will want to significantly increase spending on speeding up the distribution of vaccines, expanding testing and providing state funding to help reopen schools.

Biden said some two million people had been vaccinated, well short of the 20 million promised by the end of the year by outgoing President Donald Trump.

Canada, Italy, India and the United Arab Emirates have also found the new variant of covid-19.

Phase III trials of its experimental vaccine have found the shot to be 79 percent effective against COVID-19, Chinese pharmaceutical giant Sinopharm said.


Meanwhile, the coronavirus situation in the Japanese capital Tokyo is very serious, as Governor Yuriko Koike of the city said it could potentially face a “explosion” of cases ahead of the New Year holiday.


According to Johns Hopkins University reports, nearly 82 million people have been diagnosed with the virus worldwide and 1,789,908 have died.


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